Course care

The following points are provided to assist the upkeep of the course and ensure that you and your fellow member have an enjoyable round of golf:

Every golfer should carry and use a sand bucket. Sand boxes are located at each teeing ground

  • Repair divots by filling with sand. Refill the sand bucket at each tee.
  • Fill holes made by burrowing animals with sand.
  • Repair all plug marks on greens with a pitch repairer.
  • Do not lean on your putter when on the green.
  • Players are not to take buggies across greens.
  • Players are requested NOT to use their putter to remove their golf ball from the hole.


WPGC green-side bunkers are set up to have hard sloping banks which feed the ball onto a flat, smooth raked, loose sand area in the base of the bunker. Fairway bunkers are generally firmer in the base and are more compacted. They also have hard sloping banks and a raked flat base area.

Before leaving a bunker, each player should use the bunker rake to carefully fill up and smooth over ALL holes and footprints, (even if they were made by a golfer ahead of them).

Club policy/etiquette is that the rake is left lying in the middle of the bunker with the handle pointing toward the tee of the hole being played.

The checklist for bunker use is:

  1. Always enter and leave the bunker at the lowest point.
  2. Rake all affected areas of the bunker floor. Use the back of the rake to smooth any marks in the bunker banks.
  3. Use the back of the rake to push back excess sand towards the raked flat areas at the centre of a bunker. The aim is to have balls rolling off the sloping harder edges into the centre of the bunker
  4. Leave the bunker surface in a better condition than when you entered the bunker.

Motorised Golf Vehicles

Motorised Golf Vehicles must:

  • Not be taken within 8 metres of greens, tees and bunkers unless on established pathways.
  • Not be parked in front of greens.
  • Be kept to rough areas as much as possible during wet and frosty conditions. Be kept clear of all wet areas.
  • Have handbrake/parkbrake applied on all occasions when not in motion.
  • Avoid sensitive and newly planted native plants and grass rough at all times.
  • Not carry more than two persons at any time.

Motorised golf vehicle  drivers must adhere to the directions of the course staff. Early morning frosts may necessitate the banning of motorised golf vehicles until the frost has dispersed.