Handicaps and Grades


The Werribee Park Golf Club conducts most competitions in grades subject to field numbers and type of competition.

The common grades by handicap are:


'A' = handicap 11 or less

'B' = handicap 12 to 16 inclusive

'C' = handicap 17 to 32 inclusive

'D' = Used at discretion of Golf Committee


'A' = handicap 20 or less

'B' = handicap 21 - 32 inclusive

'C' = handicap 33 to 45 inclusive

The above grades may be superseded from time to time by the golf/match committees to balance the grade numbers.


The maximum handicaps are 36 for men and 45 for women.

A player shall have only one Australian handicap and this shall be allocated by their home club. 

If a player is, or becomes a member of more than one club they shall select one club as their home club and shall report to this club their decision and the names of the other club or clubs. 

It is anticipated that all competition cards will be returned to the player’s home club for rounds played away from their home club. The golfers Golf Link Number must be entered on the scorecard for rounds not played at the nominated home club.

Handicap Calculation

A player’s handicap is calculated by averaging the best 10 of the last 20 rounds and then multiplying by 0.96.