The Course

Established in 1976, Werribee Park Golf Club was formed in the south precinct along with some of Werribee’s other great tourist attractions. This challenging 18 hole course includes some breathtaking views of the Werribee River and the Red Cliffs. It also boasts a great layout that will challenge your golfing game.

The open design of the course is counterpointed with strategic plantings of trees.  While its well-placed bunkers and water hazards are a test even for the expert player. The course is blessed with free draining alluvial soils that allow golf to be played throughout the year, even in the wettest winter when other surrounding courses are closed.

After a day on the greens, you can enjoy a lovely meal or drink at the clubhouse which features views of the You Yangs, Werribee River, and the Bellarine Peninsula.  The Views Restuarant has a great variety of meals and can also accommodate weddings.


The opening hole is a slight dogleg to the right where fortune favors the brave. Long hitters can cut the corner and leave a nice wedge to lay up. There is also plenty of room on the left-hand side to have an open shot to the green.

The green slopes from back to front so you can attack the hole with a good approach shot. But a shot too far will be in plenty of trouble with a steep slope leading to the bushes.


A straightforward hole that rewards an accurate drive on the fairway. Avoid going too astray on this hole or your ball could end up out of bounds. The left-hand bunkers can come into play when driving from the tee.

The long green slopes from back to front with bunkers punishing a crooked shot. It is best to stay below the hole if you want to leave yourself with a decent putt.


A solid iron shot is required to land on the green. Go too far right and you are out of bounds. Too far left is also a high amount of trouble. A deep bunker on the front left can test your sand skills as well.

The green has some minor slopes and you can be left with a good chance to sink the birdie. Best to leave your shot short for a gentle uphill roll.


A good length Par 5 that can tempt the long hitters to attack the green in two shots. Any wayward shot to the right can quickly roll out of bounds. The large tree on the right of the fairway can become quite an obstacle as well. 

The green is long, narrow, and slopes back to front. If you are going to try and reach the green in two, make sure you are accurate. Otherwise, there is plenty of trouble for a wayward shot.


This hole is a long par 4 that can test your distance, especially with a strong headwind. From the tee, you have a long uphill slope with tall trees on both sides. It is wise to stay on the left-hand side of the fairway to leave yourself an open second shot.

The green is quite flat and surrounded by bunkers on the left. Avoid overhitting the green as you may have trouble finding your ball in the rough.


An accurate drive is required on this hole to avoid the tall trees. Longer hitters can use the downhill slope to leave a closer shot to the hole. There is plenty of thick rough on the left-hand side of the fairway.

The green slopes gradually from back to front and are surrounded by a few deep bunkers. It can be quite deceiving to see where the back of the green stops.


This hole is a solid dog leg to the left and requires a big hit to cut the corner. The fairway bunker on the left can be a menace if you attempt to take the shortcut. If you go too far right, good chance your ball could end up in the Werribee River.

The green is surrounded by a few bunkers, slopes from back to front, and is quite narrow to hit. There is plenty of trouble on the left-hand side of the green and should be avoided at all costs.


A decent length par 3 that will test your ability to hit a straight ball with your long iron. Don’t be surprised if you end up requiring a wood to reach the green on a windy day. There are also deep bunkers that can make it difficult to recover.

The green is quite large and slopes from back to front. It is quite common to be left with a long birdie putt on this hole.


A straightforward hole that generally slopes to the left of the fairway. The big hitters can reach the green in two but the second shot needs to be accurate to avoid the big bunker on the right.

The elevated green has a challenging downhill slope towards the back. It is highly recommended to avoid going long or you will be in all sorts of trouble.


This is the time to get out the driver and have a real swing at it. A long and straight hole that takes two solid shots to reach the green. The rough is very long on the left-hand side and should be avoided at all costs.

The green is quite large with a fairly flat putting surface. The two bunkers on each side can still provide a headache for those looking to save par.


A long par 5 that requires strong wood swings to attack this hole. If you end up too far right then chances are your ball might be in the Werribee River. It can be possible to reach the green in two but requires a very strong tailwind. 

The green has quite a few slopes and can leave you with a tricky putt. There are also a few bunkers that can make getting a par quite difficult.


This hole is a dogleg to the right. Longer hitters can take on the corner. But a miss-hit will usually be led to difficulties in the trees. There is plenty of room on the left-hand side of the fairway that will leave an open shot to the green.

The green slopes from back to front and is also surrounded by challenging bunkers. It is best to leave your shot short rather than going too long. 


There is decent room on the right-hand side of the fairway to set yourself up with a decent approach shot. Cutting the corner on this slight dogleg to the left can also be an option for the bigger hitters. 

The green is elevated which can make it difficult to decide on what to use for the approach shot. It is quite flat and gives a good birdie opportunity for those on for two shots.


A challenging dogleg to the right that can test the accuracy of any golfer. There is plenty of space on the left-hand side of the fairway. But don’t hit it too far or you could end up in the very thick rough.

The green is quite large with gentle slopes to the right. There are also a few bunkers that can punish inaccurate shots.


Ranked the easiest hole on the course. But don’t let that fool you into underestimating it. The bunkers can provide plenty of trouble, especially when the wind is blowing. 

The green is a good size and has some tricky slopes to contend with. Everybody should be happy to walk off with a par on this hole.


A very long par 5 that is virtually impossible to reach in two shots. The iconic tree in the middle of the fairway has stopped plenty of second shots in its tracks. The hole has a generous open fairway that encourages everybody to have a good bash.

The elevated green slopes back to front and can be unforgiving for a shot with too much club. It would be wise to leave an approach shot short if in doubt.

HOLE 17 

This long par 3 provides a challenge to land on the green in one shot. There are plenty of trees on the left-hand side that should be avoided at all costs. 

The large green slopes from back to front and it can be very tricky. Anywhere on the green will be a test to only have two putts.


There is nothing more frustrating than hitting your drive too far right on this hole. You might as well kiss your shot goodbye. The hill on the right has the ability to destroy many good rounds.

The best way to tackle this green is to aim left. The approach shot will roll from left to right with most balls rolling off the green if it has too much pace.