Golf Lessons

Private Golf Lessons

How many times have you gone to the range and just hit ball after ball working on swing technique but not being quite sure why the ball keeps going where is does.

Are you a golfer that thinks buying new equipment is the best way to improve? And if buying new equipment have you been through a professional fitting of the latest golf equipment.

Being fit for the right equipment is important to all golfers regardless of the skill and ability as it helps with scoring and using equipment suited to your swing.

Our coaches Marke Miller and Nathan Kungl are both fully qualified PGA professionals that can give you expert advice on equipment and how to better swing the club, taking your game to the next level.

Individual Lesson Pricing

30 Minute lessons                                                                   $ 60

60 Minute lessons using radar technology                             $100


5 x 30-minute lessons get 6th free                                          $300

5 x 60-minute lessons get 6th free                                          $500

Playing Lessons

On course 3 hole playing lesson                                             $100

On course 9 hole playing lesson                                             $150


To book a golf lesson please phone the professional shop on (03) 9742 1754 or email